What Are Digital Kitchen Cabinets?

Digital Kitchen Cabinets

You may have heard of digital file cabinets, where passwords are set and programs are used to find a file with a keyword, but have you heard of this technology emerging in the kitchen? Digital clocks in the bedroom, yes; digital heating systems, yes, but a kitchen cabinet with built-in electronic gadgets is definitely not something many would have anticipated on. Imagine being able to download all your favourite recipes and let a simple piece of equipment keep you entertained while in the kitchen. Cooking would definitely be fun!

How do they work? The technology isn’t as simple as what it may sound like, but who’d have thought that touch screens were possible some 10 years ago? The secret is in embedding an iPad or a cell phone into the kitchen cabinet. In the future, tech geniuses may come up with specialised digital kitchen sets that make the cooking experience a daily adventure that no one would miss.

Electronic engineers are looking at whole new kitchen sets that do things from greeting the occupant with their favourite song, switching on a TV channel on a screen automatically to giving them instructions on how to set a table. As for cabinets as individual entities, chances are that there will be cabinets with automatic door locks, temperature controls, etc.