Smart Ways to Save Space with Your Kitchen Cabinets

Rotating Kitchen

Efficient utilization of space especially in kitchens is of prime importance and many designers are coming up with innovative ideas to do just that.

A recent challenge for both designers and architects gave birth to the ingenious rotating kitchen idea. This contraption looks like a giant expansion tool and is pretty funky to boot. There is single storage compartment (a fridge) at one end while the other end is made up of chunky functional layers that can be revolved on a single axis individually. They can all be lined up against the wall when not in use and is somewhat similar in application to the sofa bed. The bottom layer is a counter top and cabinet on wheels while the middle and top layer consists of storage and cooking elements such as in built ovens and microwaves. These rotating kitchens are still in the test market stage and will probably be introduced later next year.

Another breakthrough in space saving design brings kitchen functionality onto one compact table. This table (known as the cook ‘n roll table) contains some really nifty technological details that are quite mind blowing such as the flexible sensory cleaning sticks set to replace the traditional dishwasher (and traditional water too) plus the inductive cooking surface, infrared oven and innovative automatic sink.

There is also the customisable kitchen that replaces kitchen furniture with units reminiscent of childhood building blocks that can be moved around the kitchen area to create the perfect layout. These units can also be suspended to create an illusion of floating in space.