Carpet Care And Cleaning Advice For Pet Owners

Carpet Care And Cleaning Advice For Pet Owners

Until you have owned a pet you will not have experienced the joy they bring and the love they endow upon you but the price of those is that you must care for their every need. As they say, every up must have a down, and the downside of pets is that they can be messy, and that often means a greater emphasis on carpet cleaning than you would find in a house without pets.

Now, many pet owners say they would gladly put up with ten times the amount of cleaning around the house as long as it meant they could have their pet with them. However, that should not be necessary, especially when it comes to carpets, as there are actually some steps you can take to either reduce the amount of carpet cleaning required and which also prolong the life of your carpets, even if you have one or more pets.

These tips and the advice from experts,, we are about to give will not suddenly turn your pet into a spotlessly clean animal who wipes their paws on the doormat every time they come in the house, but it will reduce the amount of dirt, stains, and pet hairs that your carpet has to endure.

If we first of all look at the three main reasons why pets cause carpets to require cleaning, firstly there is messing which includes urine, faeces, and vomit. Secondly there is the shedding of pet hairs, which primarily is an issue for dog owners, although cats shed too. Finally, there is the pets dirt will bring in from outside such as mud on their paws and the likes of grass and small twigs which get entangled in their fur.

Let us start with the first tissue caused by pets doing what might be described as natural and that is depositing their bodily waste on your carpets. Obviously, this is going to be worse with young pets such as puppies or kittens who have yet to be taught how and where they are supposed to go to the toilet. The one tip we would give you here is to be patient, even though it can be frustrating trying to teach them. 

Bear in mind that even adult dogs will have the occasional accident, especially if they are unwell. The key to clearing up any of this mess is to bear in mind bodily fluids can penetrate deep into the fibres of the carpet so it will need a deep clean rather than just wiping up the mess.

When it comes to shedding their fur, in all honestly you cannot blame your pet because they have no control over that.. What you can do to reduce the amount of fur that they shed is to brush and groom them regularly outside and also add supplements to their food such as Omega-3 which promotes healthy skin and fur on pets.

Finally, there is the inevitable mess they might bring in from outdoors, especially if it has been raining. Some pet owners go to extremes and make their pets wear little boots, but this is a step  (no pun intended) too far. You could wipe their paws when they come in and try to ensure they dry off in an area that doesn’t have carpet if possible.

Ultimately, if you have a pet you will likely need to have your carpets professional cleaned occasionally to ensure any deep-seated dirt, and more importantly, bacteria are removed to keep them clean and safe.