Tips for Maintaining Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

Wooden Kitchen CabinetsYour kitchen cabinets are bound to have a few scratches, marks and scars over the years. You cannot expect them to be in excellent shape after five or ten years. So if you have installed wooden kitchen cabinets newly then, follow these simple tips on maintaining the quality. Use water and soap which must be equally mixed on the furniture. Do not use detergents or soap pads. Use a soft sponge but not a steel scrubbing pad as this will do more damage than good. Pay extra attention to the handles of the cabinets as we always touch it, allowing it to gather bacteria over the years.

An all purpose house cleaner will assist you in maintaining your wooden kitchen cabinets. However be sure that it will not deteriorate the wood or cause any kind of damage. You might want to ask for assistance before purchasing it. If the insides of your wooden kitchen cabinets have an odor, it is advisable that you place a box of baking soda in each cupboard as it has a reputation for doing away with bad smells. Make sure that you dust your wooden cabinets frequently, damp a piece of cloth and clean the wooden furniture everyday and you will not have to worry about the state of your cabinets for a long time to come. Polishing your wooden kitchen cabinets once a year will also help you maintain it.