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Top Landscaping Tips for Small Properties

Space Designs advise that the average section is only getting smaller, as cities try to accommodate more and more people. If you find yourself with a postage stamp section with which you feel landscaping will be impossible, then don’t despair. You may be surprised by what you can achieve.

Trying to landscape a small property can be a challenge, and maybe one that’s not within your area of expertise. If that’s the case, you are best to talk with experts. Otherwise, check out these tips below for how to combat a small area and turn it into paradise.

  1. Break it Up

It’s a strange concept – taking a compact yard and making it even smaller, but it can have the opposite effect if done correctly. Take your small patch of land and break it up into smaller areas with purpose. Create paths leading from each other and add seating, paving stones, and little garden sections. You will be amazed at how this landscaping trick works to add more depth and space.

  1. Use Colour Wisely

You may plant flowers anywhere and everywhere because you like them, but make sure there is a method to your madness. When creating a landscaping construction, you have to think about where colour is going to work the best. For example, if you place it at the front of your property, the vibrancy will detract visitors from how small the remainder of your section is. This is an excellent way to help bump up your resale value.

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