How to Know When to Replace Your Office Reception Desk

Office Reception Desk

When a client steps into your office building, the first thing he will come across is the reception area. Whether it is with regard to a first time customer or otherwise, giving a perfect first impression every time he walks in is crucial. Why do you think receptionists are the hottest females around? Even if, we humans deny it, the fact remains. We are visual beings and what we see lingers in our minds for longer than we want them to.

Like said, the person behind the reception desk should definitely be attractive and well mannered, but most importantly, the reception area should be tastefully decorated at whatever cost, because it may have a major influence on the company’s overall impression than what you wish to believe.

When at least a single customer or a colleague comments on the reception desk negatively, it is time to rethink your décor ability as a designer or a company owner. Here are the warning signals that should make you replace the reception desk of your office.

– when the desk seem too big for the space
– when having to see the same old style in the reception area bores you/ others
– when you need to hire more than one receptionist (you should never try to make both sit at the area previously occupied by one, because it is probably made for one)
– When parts need to be repainted or repaired (rather than spending on these things. Purchasing a new design will pump up the positive aura in the office)