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Cabinet design is certainly an aspect that does need quite a bit of discussion. The fact of the matter is that throughout the years cabinet designs have evolved into something that is generally more versatile and functional, not to mention stylish. One must keep in mind that while there is a usual change in various trends, some are inherently the same. It is best to always choose a design that is memorable and also long lasting. The various trends in 2010 when it comes to kitchen cabinets offer a great choice for all. But 2010 allows you to have designs that are a true reflection of you.

Needless to say, there are many people who showcases their kitchen cabinets with a mix that both neo-classical and Victorian. True enough, there have been some cases where people do have a melting pot of various era styles that do blend in an eccentric manner. While styles from various eras are certainly in, there is a trend that ventures off towards having antique kitchen cabinets as well. If fun and funky is your definition, then you will find that there is quite a fan following when it comes to going retro. Either way, the rule of thumb when it comes to 2010 trends is to ensure that you make it all blend in, perfectly.

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The kitchen is essentially a workspace, and as all workspaces go, the functional design and layout of the kitchen area needs to support the level of efficiency required for the function it serves. One key element of kitchen design that contributes very much to both the aesthetic ambience of your kitchen, as well as, the ease of food preparation is lighting.

Kitchen lighting, especially for kitchen cabinets is fast catching on as the most effective way of lighting up your workspace. Light fixtures, usually in the form of spotlights are fixed above the cabinet counter top in regular intervals along its length, and unlike a light source fixed onto the kitchen ceiling, there are no shadows caused by obstructions because the light falls directly onto the cabinet surface.

If you want to install under cabinet lighting to an already existing cabinet set up in your kitchen, you can have it installed with the help of a professional. Most cabinet makers give you the option of installing different types of under cabinet lighting to your custom kitchen cabinet, but make sure you give clear specifications before plans are laid out so that the cabinet maker can clearly ascertain the placing of wires and electrical fixtures before installation.

And if you are worried about how much all this is going to cost, don’t fret. The benefits far outweigh what you are going to spend on its installation; plus the lights used live on minimal energy so you don’t have to worry about your electricity bills increasing either.

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Design wise, kitchen spaces are a lot more versatile than we think. A lot of new kitchens are now designed along bolder and more streamlined ideas, regardless of space. Of course, designing a kitchen requires some professional expertise, but the results are very much worth it.

The starting point for any degree of change is always conscious choice. You need to know exactly what you want in order for you to get it. Kitchens now have beautiful design schemes such as open plan kitchens, country style and even green kitchens that incorporate innovative technology to make your kitchen space even better. Now you can have heated kitchen floors, telescopic swivel ventilation systems and a sink that doubles up as serving station for your guests.

The layout of the traditional kitchen is also changing. Gone are the days when kitchens were subjected solely to indoor treatment. A lot of people are now opting to have outdoor kitchens which can carry any flavour you desire – from rustic to sleek and modern – with fixtures to match. But the biggest leap of faith that kitchen design has taken in a very long time is its transformation from cooking area to a live in and entertaining area. This idea has proved to be an enormous success and is fast catching on. Then there are green kitchens that use sustainable materials and energy conscious design.

Whichever layout, kitchen fixture or decor you decide upon having, choose those that best suit your living habits, and always consult a professional for best results.

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A kitchen is a highly specialized and functional area that requires good planning if it is to be a place you enjoy being in. Before ordering your kitchen cabinet, you need to think about what exactly you want out of your new kitchen layout, what needs are currently met, and what features of your kitchen you are prepared to compromise for a better set up.

There is no point however, in dreaming up elaborate ideas if your kitchen will be unable to hold them. A good grasping of how space will be utilized is of extreme importance, especially if you have a very small kitchen. There will be basic functions that you might need your new kitchen to fulfil, such as efficient storage, work area, good lighting and ventilation. Check on the layout of your kitchen (including where the windows and doors are) and then decide where you want your kitchen cabinet installed.

Kitchen cabinets come in three different levels of flexibility; the most flexible being custom cabinets and stock cabinets being the least. Semicustom cabinets are already decided upon design wise, by the manufacturer, but you get to choose the exact size that is required for it to fit into your kitchen.

Most kitchens are installed with stock cabinets because it is considered the least expensive, but if none of them fit your requirement, then you’ll need to consider designing a custom kitchen cabinet setup tailor made for your specific needs.

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Choosing colours for kitchen furniture and the room itself means that you will have to do a lot of research on what style you would want and what the appearance should say. White is always a very classy colour. It will make the room look large and give enough light; however you have to put in more effort to maintain it over the years. Or even going with pale yellow will give your kitchen a lively touch. It will also make the rest of the house seem more sophisticated.

It is important to remember that kitchen furniture is different from furniture in other rooms. In a kitchen even the refrigerator can be considered as furniture. Red and white are preferred colours for kitchen furniture which gives the room a very bright and modern look. Making your kitchen brown and choosing a wooden look can give the house a very homely feel. It will make your kitchen look quite luxurious. Pink kitchen furniture has been around for a while and if you want to give it fifties vibe then this would be ideal. In a bright kitchen, such as a yellow or white kitchen, make the lighting dim. It will give it a good ambience and setting. These are a few ideas that you can use when deciding colours for your kitchen, but make sure you get a few opinions before you settle into one idea because you will have to live the rest of your life with it.

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If the amount of dishes and bowls on your kitchen cabinets requires a huge amount of effort, you know you are facing a dilemma. The entire process of saving space will need a bit of free time, but hey! doesn’t anything? First and foremost evaluate your kitchen cabinets. Do you have plates that are only used during a special occasion? Do you have bowls and plates stacked one on top of the other? The key is organisation. Find another spot for those plates that are preserved for guests. You can try and hang cups on hooks, purchase racks so that you can keep your bowls and mugs and other stuff.

You should store bottles and jars of spices in a rack that is attached to the wall. The spices that you use regularly should be stored on the rack and the rest must be bottled in plastic containers. A new technique that is used for saving space is hanging pots and pans from the ceiling. That is a very convenient method because you will be able to remove it whenever you need it. You may have seen it in a number of movies or television series. When it comes to your utensils, it is best if you can purchase a utensil holder. The entire process of saving space might cost you a little bit of cash but in the long run, you will not have to get frustrated with finding what you need. In fact it is an overall investment.

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Efficient utilization of space especially in kitchens is of prime importance and many designers are coming up with innovative ideas to do just that.

A recent challenge for both designers and architects gave birth to the ingenious rotating kitchen idea. This contraption looks like a giant expansion tool and is pretty funky to boot. There is single storage compartment (a fridge) at one end while the other end is made up of chunky functional layers that can be revolved on a single axis individually. They can all be lined up against the wall when not in use and is somewhat similar in application to the sofa bed. The bottom layer is a counter top and cabinet on wheels while the middle and top layer consists of storage and cooking elements such as in built ovens and microwaves. These rotating kitchens are still in the test market stage and will probably be introduced later next year.

Another breakthrough in space saving design brings kitchen functionality onto one compact table. This table (known as the cook ‘n roll table) contains some really nifty technological details that are quite mind blowing such as the flexible sensory cleaning sticks set to replace the traditional dishwasher (and traditional water too) plus the inductive cooking surface, infrared oven and innovative automatic sink.

There is also the customisable kitchen that replaces kitchen furniture with units reminiscent of childhood building blocks that can be moved around the kitchen area to create the perfect layout. These units can also be suspended to create an illusion of floating in space.

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You may have heard of digital file cabinets, where passwords are set and programmes are used to find a file with a keyword, but have you heard of this technology emerging in the kitchen? Digital clocks in the bedroom, yes; digital heating systems, yes, but a kitchen cabinet with built-in electronic gadgets is definitely not something many would have anticipated on. Imagine being able to download all your favourite recipes and let a simple piece of equipment keep you entertained while in the kitchen. Cooking would definitely be fun!

How do they work? The technology isn’t as simple as what it may sound like, but who’d have thought that touch screens were possible some 10 years ago? The secret is in embedding an iPad or a cell phone into the kitchen cabinet. In the future, tech geniuses may come up with specialised digital kitchen sets that make the cooking experience a daily adventure that no one would miss.

Electronic engineers are looking at whole new kitchen sets that do things from greeting the occupant with their favourite song, switching on a TV channel on a screen automatically to giving them instructions on how to set a table. As for cabinets as individual entities, chances are that there will be cabinets with automatic door locks, temperature controls, etc.

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Your kitchen cabinets are bound to have a few scratches, marks and scars over the years. You cannot expect them to be in excellent shape after five or ten years. So if you have installed wooden kitchen cabinets newly then, follow these simple tips on maintaining the quality. Use water and soap which must be equally mixed on the furniture. Do not use detergents or soap pads. Use a soft sponge but not a steel scrubbing pad as this will do more damage than good. Pay extra attention to the handles of the cabinets as we always touch it, allowing it to gather bacteria over the years.

An all purpose house cleaner will assist you in maintaining your wooden kitchen cabinets. However be sure that it will not deteriorate the wood or cause any kind of damage. You might want to ask for assistance before purchasing it. If the insides of your wooden kitchen cabinets have an odor, it is advisable that you place a box of baking soda in each cupboard as it has a reputation for doing away with bad smells. Make sure that you dust your wooden cabinets frequently, damp a piece of cloth and clean the wooden furniture everyday and you will not have to worry about the state of your cabinets for a long time to come. Polishing your wooden kitchen cabinets once a year will also help you maintain it.

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When it comes to the topic of kitchen cabinets, remember that deglossers are certainly a hot topic. Yet it needs to be mentioned that these deglossers are not exactly the safest thing in the world. This is why it is best to be more conscious of what you use and opt for something that is more environmentally-friendly. This can in essence be more beneficial to your health and help you stay away from harmful chemical substances that in fact cripple you. There is evidence to show that deglossers can in fact be harmful if they come in contact with your skin.

These chemicals also can cause grievous damage to your eyes. This is not all there is in terms of bad news; rather many more issues can crop up with these terrible chemicals. For instance, if you are pregnant and you do come into contact with such deglossers then you could very well expose your unborn child to harm. Such chemical components will only affect you physically but can also lead you to experience depression, since they would affect your nervous system at the end of the day. Taking all of this information into consideration it is best that you opt for “deglossers” that are organic and are not harmful hen dealing with kitchen cabinet doors.

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